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The FINAL Last Post

OK, there really was one new post.¬† ūüôā¬† As of this morning, the new Council blog is up and running.¬† All posts are categorized, and the different Areas are now live as well.¬† Use the new link from now on:

You may send new material and items of interest to .¬† See ya there…


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Literally!¬† As Scouting in Central Escarpment Council works to integrate and support the Areas, there is a NEW, IMPROVED, (ah heck, add some more adjectives) BLOG maintained at the Council level.¬† There are breakdowns by Area (and yes, Wellington is there as a category!), as well as by section and activity.¬† It’s also hosted with our own servers, and you’ll find speed is much improved as well.¬† I will be continuing to maintain the new blog, though others will be posting as well (the other 7 areas and the Council Commissioner come to mind ūüôā )!¬† So, please bookmark the NEW location, and if you’re using the RSS feeds, make sure you add yourself to the new blog at:

Happy Scouting in the¬†new Scouting Year,¬†and¬† I’m off to post the 30 or 40 blog entries that haven’t happened as we reinvented ourselves!

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SCOUTING NOW: An Action Plan for Canadian Scouting

I can’t say it any better than Steve does.¬† Click -HERE- for the Task Force Action Plan, and read his comments below.


As we have stated¬†a number of¬†times already, the Action Plan is a living, breathing, working document — the various action items will evolve as the process continues.¬† In August, the Task Force’s website will be live, and discussion on various action items is already ongoing at¬† Please join in, and invite others to do the same.

The Task Force on Growth is thrilled with the level of interest and momentum to date.   All feedback received has been shared with members of the Task Force.  I can assure you that the input we receive will continue to be considered as we move ahead on various aspects of the Action Plan.

Thanks so much for your continued support.¬† I remain excited about the possibilities that exist to revitalize our national organization and to move the Canadian Scouting Movement into the 21st century.¬†¬†In order to grow, we all need to be working together, with common goals.¬† It’s all about¬†here and¬†now…. Scouting NOW!

All the best,


Stephen P. Kent, Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board of Governors

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Democracy Investigation – by Steve Kent, Chief Commissioner

To further encourage and increase democratic participation, and to address WOSM‚Äôs call for greater democratic involvement, the Chief Commissioner’s Task Force on Growth is recommending the:

a)         Investigation of introducing online election systems

b)         Investigation of a model for electing delegates where every member 16 and older is entitled to vote for delegates

c)         Investigation of other opportunities for greater member participation and increased communication and dialogue

I will be leading these investigations, and I am asking for your input.¬† >From my perspective, Policy 1014 has not fully addressed the democratic deficit concerns in our organization.¬† I want to identify specific ways that we can be a more democratic organization and improve member participation in decision making processes.¬† For me, it’s all about openness and transparency.¬† Perhaps there is no ideal solution, but I am committed to improving how we do business.

I will be presenting a preliminary report to the Board of Governors at our September meeting, and I will also be asking for assistance from the Board’s Policy and Governance Committee in carrying out these investigations.

Please send me your specific recommendations and ideas on how we can improve our voting and election practices, as well as your thoughts on opportunities for greater member participation and increased communication and dialogue. 

Also, please feel free to widely circulate this request.¬† I would appreciate receiving input by the end of August. I¬†realize that we’re in the middle of summer, but I do want to get the ball rolling.¬† This process will continue early in the fall, but as I said, I plan to update the Board on progress when we meet in September.

On a related note, the Task Force on Growth is also committed to established a more open appointments process.  Our CEO, Rob Stewart, will be communicating with Council Commissioners on this issue in the near future.

Thanks a lot.  Please keep in touch.  All the best!

Stephen P. Kent, Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board of Governors, SCOUTS CANADA     

30.5 Sunrise Avenue, Mount Pearl, NL   A1N 1C1  cell  709.740.0948     e-mail





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Chief Scout in Georgetown – Did YOUR Area put out a press release?

Greater Halton Scouts & Venturers that acheived the Chief Scout or Queens’ Venturer designation ended up in the Georgetown Free Press.¬† Let’s all make the effort to let world know what we’re doing. Click -HERE- for the article.

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Woodbadge Part I’s being offered this summer

Click -HERE- for a list of all Part I training offered in and near CEC this summer.  Also includes info for 1st fall Part II in Shining Waters.

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Tall Ship Composite Camp – Jul 25 thru Aug 1 (8 days)

To all CEC Scouts and Venturers between the ages of 13 & 18. CEC sets sail with Toronto Brigantine, a unique opportunity for Venturers & 3rd year Scouts to participate in an amazing Tall Ship Adventure Рaboard a real Brigantine tall ship this summer.  You will be cruising between Tobermory and Midland in beautiful Georgian Bay (bussing from Mississauga or Toronto).

The program will be offered in a composite camp format with the Brigantine being operated exclusively for the Scouts.  Two Scouts Canada leaders will coordinate the program and accompany the composite group.  There are only 16 berths available on a first come first served basis.

CEC & Toronto Brigantine have developed a program that allows the youth to earn challenge badges relative to their section while on board, in addition to the regular activities provided as part of the sailing program.

Although it is late in the Scouting season, we are encouraging all leaders to notify their eligible Venturers and 3rd Year Scouts of this unusual ‘camp’ opportunity.¬† It represents excellent value and will provide youth with a great summer experience.¬† If you are interested in participating as a leader (no cost) please contact the organizers.

Requirements include the ability to tread water for 10 minutes and swim 100 metres.  Sailing experience is not necessary.  Deadline for registrations is Fri Jul 3rd.  Cost $620 including all meals and transportation to and from the ship (a $260 savings over the regular $880 cost).

For more information, contact the following Scouters:

– Paul Dennis, 416-268-1017

– Dave Collins, 905-916-1282

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