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The FINAL Last Post

OK, there really was one new post.¬† ūüôā¬† As of this morning, the new Council blog is up and running.¬† All posts are categorized, and the different Areas are now live as well.¬† Use the new link from now on:

You may send new material and items of interest to .¬† See ya there…


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Literally!¬† As Scouting in Central Escarpment Council works to integrate and support the Areas, there is a NEW, IMPROVED, (ah heck, add some more adjectives) BLOG maintained at the Council level.¬† There are breakdowns by Area (and yes, Wellington is there as a category!), as well as by section and activity.¬† It’s also hosted with our own servers, and you’ll find speed is much improved as well.¬† I will be continuing to maintain the new blog, though others will be posting as well (the other 7 areas and the Council Commissioner come to mind ūüôā )!¬† So, please bookmark the NEW location, and if you’re using the RSS feeds, make sure you add yourself to the new blog at:

Happy Scouting in the¬†new Scouting Year,¬†and¬† I’m off to post the 30 or 40 blog entries that haven’t happened as we reinvented ourselves!

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Beaver Fever – Aug 24th, 7pm – Preston Scout House

Hey, while¬†Wellington Area is¬†running Beaver Magic late Sep (click -HERE- for that info), you’ll find a short one evening idea & question session.¬† Find out more about Beaver Fever in South Waterloo¬†by clicking -HERE- .TwoBeavers

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Scouting Sleepover at the Kitchener Children’s Museum

Scheduled for Nov 27th, the theme will be GPS & Navigation (it will occur in the middle of the GPS exhibit).  The sleepover will allow the groups to earn a badge, have free time to explore, and of course, sleep anywhere in the museum.  Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are welcome.  Click -HERE- for their website.  Contact Allison Brubacker at 519.749.9387 x226 or .  Coordinates N 43 26.995 W 080 29.382 Sounds exciting!

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Beaver Magic 2009 – Are you ready?!!

HappyBeaverAre you a Colony Scouter?¬† Ever wanted to spend a day sharing with other Colony Scouters, talking about your favourite activities, getting ideas, heck, just doing the Beaver thing with other Scouters with the same bent?¬† Here’s your opportunity.¬† Barber Scout Camp Sept 25-27th, cost is minimal.¬† Register VERY SOON!¬† Click -HERE- for the brochure, -HERE- for the registration form you can print, or -HERE- for a Word document you can fill in & return.¬† Have fun, it’s exciting, and better yet, no Beavers (ie. quiet)¬†for a whole day!¬† If you have questions, by all means, contact your Area, or the Wellington Area, Commissioner. BEAVER MAGIC HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO APRIL 2010.¬† SPECIFIC DATES TO COME.¬† CHECK FOR AN UPDATE.

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Canadian Cub Jamboree 2010

CCJ10 is coming!  Celebrating 100 years of Scouting in Ontario, the Canadian Cub Jamboree is coming to Camp Everton July 25th thru 31st 2010.  Offers of Service are of course required.  Click on the website for more info and complete details!

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Reclaiming the Cosmos Camp – Ignatius Centre – Guelph

One of the resources we in Wellington have, is the Ignatius Centre in Guelph.¬† Among other activities (and you can see their website at ), is an 8 day youth (ages 14-22)¬†camp, designed to support you while you develop a deeper sense of self through environmental leadership and eco-spirituality training.¬† While too late for this year (the camp runs Jul 24-31), it and other activities run on a year-round basis.¬† If you’re interested click -HERE- for the brochure.

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