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The FINAL Last Post

OK, there really was one new post.¬† ūüôā¬† As of this morning, the new Council blog is up and running.¬† All posts are categorized, and the different Areas are now live as well.¬† Use the new link from now on:

You may send new material and items of interest to .¬† See ya there…


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Literally!¬† As Scouting in Central Escarpment Council works to integrate and support the Areas, there is a NEW, IMPROVED, (ah heck, add some more adjectives) BLOG maintained at the Council level.¬† There are breakdowns by Area (and yes, Wellington is there as a category!), as well as by section and activity.¬† It’s also hosted with our own servers, and you’ll find speed is much improved as well.¬† I will be continuing to maintain the new blog, though others will be posting as well (the other 7 areas and the Council Commissioner come to mind ūüôā )!¬† So, please bookmark the NEW location, and if you’re using the RSS feeds, make sure you add yourself to the new blog at:

Happy Scouting in the¬†new Scouting Year,¬†and¬† I’m off to post the 30 or 40 blog entries that haven’t happened as we reinvented ourselves!

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Training – Fall dates and location set for Wellington

You’ve been hearing it, nothing has changed. In order to register this fall, if you’re a leader with less than 2 years experience in the section you’re in, you’re expected to have taken a Woodbadge Part I within 1 year of joining your section (full details in ealier posts to this blog).¬† Wellington will be running a Woodbadge Part I¬†for Colony, Pack and Troop (and Group¬†Commissioner’s as well).¬† For the sections, take Module 1 on ONE of Sep 22nd, Sep 30th or Oct 8th at Barber Scout Camp.¬† The rest will be on Oct 23rd & 24th at College Heights Secondary Schoole, with Module 2 on Sat AM, Module 3 on Sat afternoon, and Module 4 on Sat evening.¬† Module 5 runs on Fri night.¬† Full details will be posted.¬† The Group Commissioners runs all modules from Fri night through Sat night.¬† Cost $36!¬† About 25% of our Volunteers do NOT have the training they require in order to register.¬† Please check the CEC website as well for updates on training available in other Areas of the Council.¬† Click -HERE-.

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Mercury Support Section for Wellington Scouting

As you should know, we were hoping to put together an insert that was totally ‘ours’ in the Mercury this fall.¬† However, we have run into two items that mean we can’t do so. Firstly, one article submitted.¬† Hmmm…¬† Secondly, the Mercury has had some difficulties putting together the advertising required, and in order to do what we were planning would have required committing up to $4,500 (a minimum of $1,500 for a single page was also available).¬† The decision has been made that we can’t guarantee that kind of funding.¬† So for the individual who wrote the article thank-you, I’m sure Brian will use it as appropriate in the Woggle :-).

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Raft Race cancelled for this year

Due to low registrations (4), no-one actually¬†sending in registration and payment forms,¬†colder than seasonal water and air temperatures, and a lack of volunteers for the safety crew, it’s been decided to cancel this year’s event. Let’s try and get it together again next year!

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Speed River Cleanup – Sat Jun 13th

OPIRG’s 30th Annual Speed River Clean up is fast approaching! On Saturday June 13th, with sign in starting at 8:45am, we will be meeting at Royal City Park (on Gordon St across from the Boathouse) to clean up the Speed River.¬† We are still looking for a few volunteers to help run this fantastic event. If you’re interested in any of the following opportunities, please get in touch as soon as possible. Thanks!

1. Crew leaders – Crew leaders walk with crews (of 10-20 people) to a pre-arranged section of the river, and supervise and help with the pickup of garbage. You are responsible for writing down the names of people in your group, making sure everyone is safe and having fun, and making sure the waste is properly sorted and recorded. There will be a short crew leader meeting during the week before the Clean Up.

2. New this year: Children’s activities! – If you don’t want to get down and dirty with some spring cleaning of the Speed River there are still plenty of ways you can volunteer! We are looking for volunteers to coordinate interactive children’s water activities! The water activities are being provided by the Children’s Water Education Council and will explore amazing things like what it is like to be a water droplet or how much water we use on a daily basis. Activity Coordinators will be expected to review an activity leader training manual, provide two references relating to work with children and attend a pre-clean up orientation.

3. Registration volunteers¬†– Registration volunteers welcome people, assign them to a crew, and help them find their crew leader. You are the folks with the answers to all the questions… don’t worry you’ll be well equipped with all the information you need!

4. Set-up and take-down volunteers (Friday evening and Saturday) – There is a lot that goes into this event! Setting it up and cleaning up afterwards is a huge job, and any help is always much appreciated. You can help us with set-up and take-down even if you’re already volunteering with the childrens’ activities, as a registration volunteeror crew leader, or with the general river cleanup. It’s not glamorous work, but we couldn’t do it without you!

Interested in this educational and fun experience? Please contact: or call 519.824.2091, or visit 1 Trent Lane at the University of Guelph.

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Having fun at the HAIDA guys?

Thanks to Luc Desrochers for organizing the trip, and Alisa for pulling it¬†together.¬† What started as a simple question: “Hey I’m taking the Troop to see the Haida at Hamilton Harbour, your Troop want to join us?”¬†has blossomed.¬†¬†Almost 100 Youth, Leaders and Parents had a great time.¬† Includes Wellington and North Waterloo with Youth from every Section.¬† Outstanding, send picutres!

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