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The FINAL Last Post

OK, there really was one new post.  🙂  As of this morning, the new Council blog is up and running.  All posts are categorized, and the different Areas are now live as well.  Use the new link from now on:

You may send new material and items of interest to .  See ya there…


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Literally!  As Scouting in Central Escarpment Council works to integrate and support the Areas, there is a NEW, IMPROVED, (ah heck, add some more adjectives) BLOG maintained at the Council level.  There are breakdowns by Area (and yes, Wellington is there as a category!), as well as by section and activity.  It’s also hosted with our own servers, and you’ll find speed is much improved as well.  I will be continuing to maintain the new blog, though others will be posting as well (the other 7 areas and the Council Commissioner come to mind 🙂 )!  So, please bookmark the NEW location, and if you’re using the RSS feeds, make sure you add yourself to the new blog at:

Happy Scouting in the new Scouting Year, and  I’m off to post the 30 or 40 blog entries that haven’t happened as we reinvented ourselves!

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Our National Commissioner – Wants to have a word with you…

… and all you have to do is listen.  It’s inspirational, it thanks our Volunteers, it sets a direction, and it’s bang on with a direction for the future.  I’ve heard the man speak, I’ve talked with him, I’ve talked to some of his staff.  I’m impressed, he wants to make Scouting better.  Click -HERE- for the YouTube video.

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Scout Leader Volunteer – need one?

I have  a Volunteer Centre response from someone volunteering to be a Scout Leader (she will be 18 in Aug, so no real problems there).  Lives in the area of Edinbugh & Paisley.  Let me know if you’re interested, your Group meets somewhere in the area and need help. I’ll pass the info along.

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Does Any Group Require a Registrar?

I have a response to our posting at the Volunteer Centre.  If any Guelph Group (she lives locally on Foster Ave) requires a registrar, please let me know and I’ll pass along the information.

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Early Registration Now Enabled in MMS

Registrars can now register members for 09-10 while at the same time still allowing registration for the current Scouting year.  Click -HERE- for instructions on procedure.

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Registration 09-10 – Fees & Registrar info

Click -HERE- for the fee structure, as well as access to forms thru MMS.  Remember, the MMS website is down today (Wednesday) for maintenance an preparation to allow registration for the 09-10 Scouting year to start.

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