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The FINAL Last Post

OK, there really was one new post.¬† ūüôā¬† As of this morning, the new Council blog is up and running.¬† All posts are categorized, and the different Areas are now live as well.¬† Use the new link from now on:

You may send new material and items of interest to .¬† See ya there…


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Literally!¬† As Scouting in Central Escarpment Council works to integrate and support the Areas, there is a NEW, IMPROVED, (ah heck, add some more adjectives) BLOG maintained at the Council level.¬† There are breakdowns by Area (and yes, Wellington is there as a category!), as well as by section and activity.¬† It’s also hosted with our own servers, and you’ll find speed is much improved as well.¬† I will be continuing to maintain the new blog, though others will be posting as well (the other 7 areas and the Council Commissioner come to mind ūüôā )!¬† So, please bookmark the NEW location, and if you’re using the RSS feeds, make sure you add yourself to the new blog at:

Happy Scouting in the¬†new Scouting Year,¬†and¬† I’m off to post the 30 or 40 blog entries that haven’t happened as we reinvented ourselves!

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Beaver Fever – Aug 24th, 7pm – Preston Scout House

Hey, while¬†Wellington Area is¬†running Beaver Magic late Sep (click -HERE- for that info), you’ll find a short one evening idea & question session.¬† Find out more about Beaver Fever in South Waterloo¬†by clicking -HERE- .TwoBeavers

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Scouting Sleepover at the Kitchener Children’s Museum

Scheduled for Nov 27th, the theme will be GPS & Navigation (it will occur in the middle of the GPS exhibit).  The sleepover will allow the groups to earn a badge, have free time to explore, and of course, sleep anywhere in the museum.  Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are welcome.  Click -HERE- for their website.  Contact Allison Brubacker at 519.749.9387 x226 or .  Coordinates N 43 26.995 W 080 29.382 Sounds exciting!

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Beaver Magic 2009 – Are you ready?!!

HappyBeaverAre you a Colony Scouter?¬† Ever wanted to spend a day sharing with other Colony Scouters, talking about your favourite activities, getting ideas, heck, just doing the Beaver thing with other Scouters with the same bent?¬† Here’s your opportunity.¬† Barber Scout Camp Sept 25-27th, cost is minimal.¬† Register VERY SOON!¬† Click -HERE- for the brochure, -HERE- for the registration form you can print, or -HERE- for a Word document you can fill in & return.¬† Have fun, it’s exciting, and better yet, no Beavers (ie. quiet)¬†for a whole day!¬† If you have questions, by all means, contact your Area, or the Wellington Area, Commissioner. BEAVER MAGIC HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO APRIL 2010.¬† SPECIFIC DATES TO COME.¬† CHECK FOR AN UPDATE.

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Scout Brigade of Fort George

Sep 18-20 at Fort George, Niagara-on-the-Lake.¬† Over 2900 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers & Rovers took part last year, learning about the life as a soldier in the American or British army in 1812.¬† A truly awesome adventure, $43, and you’ll need to register soon.¬† Click -HERE- for the flyer, or -HERE- for the website.¬† Registration is online from the website.

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KW Symphony – Youth Concert Series

The KW Symphony is running 2 series of concerts.¬† The first, ‘Kinderconcerts’ for ages 0-5 (click -HERE- for info), and the second ‘Family’ series for ages 4 and up (click -HERE- for info).¬† Interested leaders can contact the Symphony to discuss group rates.¬† Call Tracy Jirak 519-745-4711 x288, or email at .

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