A Quick Ramble – Training, All-Sections Camp, etc.

March 3, 2009 at 10:16 pm Leave a comment

Just a few quick notes on things that are of immediate interest to me today (I’m out of town, but funny thing, you guys all keep on Scouting 🙂 ).

Just had another discussion on the subject of mandatory training. Yes it’s here.  We’ve proven time and again, if you run the program set out on the National website you can’t fail to have an active, viable, growing Group.  The only way to run the program, is to know what it is.  That means, if you’re a leader who joined Scouting subsequent to Sep 1’07, you must have completed training by Aug 31’09.  If you have not, you will need to prior to begin accepted this fall.  Our Wellington Part I is in place, and yes we’re still accepting registrations.  Colony, Pack & Troop only.  If you don’t want ours, take a look at the CEC site for other Areas.  Fall training will occurr AFTER registration, and if you registered last year, you’re not going to be a leader until you take it!

We have limited registration for the All Sections Camp.  You folks wanted it, there’s a team putting it together.  Please register SOON, or at least let us know you’re coming ASAP.

The Part II training at Blue Springs is now also definitely on.  If you’re serious about Scouting, you REALLY want to take the course for your section.

If you’re a Group Commissioner with less than 3 years on the job, you also need to take the training.  It will be offered in the fall, but is still available this spring.  Take a look at my earlier posting, seems to me there’s one running in South Waterloo next weekend.

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